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Software to Copy Xbox Games – What Really Works?

If you're looking for software to copy Xbox games with you may have found out already that most software will not copy Xbox games properly. The problem is Xbox discs have copy guard built into them, making copies difficult. In most cases all you end up with is a pile of bad discs.

You may have tried to follow some of the tutorials you found in forums like I did. First of all they're very hard to understand unless you're a computer geek, plus you need three different programs to make a single game copy. I discovered a better way.

After trying a lot of different programs that claim they can make game copies I found out that quick DVD copy makes excellent game copies. I bought it to make DVD copies with and decided to try and make game copies with it since nothing else is working for me. Once you get it set up properly it works great for making game copies.

Of course you will need a computer and a DVD burner. Blank DVDs are cheap these days so it would be smart to pick up the whole sleeve at your local discount store and make backup copies of all your Xbox video games. This way if you damage one of your copies, no problem you can always burn another one from the original. The original games stay in mint condition since you never use them.

Quick DVD copy will also work for downloaded games. Once you have them downloaded to your hard drive you can burn a copy to a DVD and play them in your stock game console. They play just like the original game! Most software will not do this.

Other software requires you to perform mods to your Xbox console. So be careful which programs you use for making Xbox copies. In fact some programs I used for making copies were so bad that the disk got stuck inside my machine and I had to manually take part to remove it. He just kept spinning forever saying no disk and would not eject.

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