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How To Copy Wii Disks – The Easy Way

Here's some information on how to copy Wii disks. Let's face it Wii games are expensive. If you use your Wii game console, as much as I do you will find that after time your game discs become scratched and sometimes unusable. When you purchase a new game you should make a backup copy of it and play the copy.

This way if you damage the copy no problem. You always have the original in mint condition to burn another copy from. Scratched or damaged disk will freeze or start skipping and no matter how careful you are they always seem to get damaged sooner or later.

In order to copy your Wii disks you will need a DVD burner. You will also need software that will allow you to get past the copy guard on your Wii games. If you have tried to make copies of your games without the proper software you have already found out that it does not work. The discs will turn out corrupt and unusable.

There is software that you can download for free for making Wii copies but you will need to modify your game console before you can play the copies. I don't know about you but I prefer not to modify the insides of my expensive console. After trying several different programs for making game copies I bought Quick DVD Copy.

Quick DVD Copy  allows you to make perfect copies of any video game plus they will play in your stock game console with no modifications or mod chips. The software is also very easy to use, unlike the tutorials you can find on forums. You don't need to be a computer programmer to understand how to use the program.

Basically, you insert the game you want to copy into your computer and start Quick DVD Copy. It will copy all the data from the original game and prompt you to insert a blank disc. Once the copy is done burning. You can play it in your stock WII console just like the original.

The price for the software is less than you would pay to replace one of your video games. It will also work for any other game system or DVD. Plus as a bonus, you will have access to unlimited game downloads. You can download the full versions of popular games and burn them onto a DVD. Download it yourself and see why it is the best selling game copy software on the market.

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