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How To Copy PC Games

If you're wondering how to copy PC games you're not alone. PC games have copyright protection that is hard to crack. If you have ever attempted to make a copy of a PC game you already have found out that it does not work. All you'll end up with is a pile of bad discs. Sometimes these copies are so bad, they will get stuck in your CD or DVD player. Perhaps that has happened to you already.

In order to make exact copies of PC games you'll need the correct software to do it with. Otherwise it will never work. We recommend Game Copy Pro. After trying many other programs, we found this one to be the easiest and most efficient to use. The software is really easy to use and understand. Once you download it and install it on your computer. All you have to do is open it up, insert the game you want to copy and allow it to copy the image from the desk. From there, you insert a blank disc and let it do its thing.

You come out with a perfect, exact copy of the original game. The copy will play in any PC or if you're making copies for game consoles they will play with no mods. Video games are expensive, it's always smart to make a copy from the original as soon as you get a new one. Put the original away and play the copy. This way if something happens to the copy, no problem. You still have the original in mint condition.

Of course, you will need a CD or DVD burner on your PC. It does not matter what type or brand anyone will work. You can also copy movies, any other DVD, and any other type of video game. There is a lot of software you can download for free that claim to copy video games. Most of them don't work, or are very hard to understand the procedures you need to do to make a copy.

As a bonus when you join game copy Pro, you will have access to unlimited game downloads. This alone is worth the purchase price. Once you download a game it's easy to burn it onto a CD or DVD.

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