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How to Copy an Xbox or Xbox 360 Game

If you are trying to figure out how to copy an Xbox game or Xbox 360 game here is some information you can use. Let me start by saying it's a very good idea to back up your Xbox games. We all know how expensive they are, and if you damage one of your game discs making it unplayable it's a real bummer.

Once you have the correct tools to copy your Xbox games you should copy all your games and put the originals away in a safe place. Play the copies. If you damage one, no problem you always have the original game you can use it to burn another copy with. You should especially do this for brand-new games.

So what do you need to copy Xbox games? First of all you will need a DVD burner and a PC. Next you will need software that is made to do the job. If you try and use software that is made for copying DVDs or CDs it will not work. Xbox games and others are encrypted with copy guard. You need special software that will get by this. Game copy Pro will do it.

You may have tried to follow some of the complicated tutorials on forums for copying Xbox games. You probably have also discovered that they do not work, or they're too complicated to follow and understand. You will end up with a nice pile of corrupted discs that don't work. At least I did. They make nice coasters or frisbees. You can throw them in your backyard let your dog chase them. This is about all they're good for.

After trying a lot of different other software we found that game copy Pro worked the best. You will have to pay for it but it costs less than you would pay to replace one of your games. Game copy Pro works good as long as you follow the instructions. There are a few steps you have to take you to make perfect copies, however once you have the system set up is very easy to use.

Once installed and configured correctly you can insert the original Xbox game, hit copy and wait for it to prompt you to insert a blank disc. Plus as a bonus when you join game copy Pro you will have access to unlimited Xbox and Xbox 360 game downloads. They make it sound better than it is but it's really a peer to peer sharing program. However there is a lot of full games you can download and burn to a DVD.

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