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How To Clean A DVD Movie Or Game Disc – Follow These Simple Steps

If you're looking for some information on how to clean a DVD movie or video game disc here are a few tips you can try. Over time DVD movie discs get dirty or full of fingerprints and minor scratches. This will also happen to video game discs or DVDs.

If you get enough dirt or minor scratches the disc will become unplayable and will not read in your DVD player or game console. So what you do? In most cases a proper cleaning will restore the desk and make it usable. The first thing you want to do is wash the DVD with mild dishwashing soap and water, rinse completely and dry. Make sure there is no film or water spots on the surface.

This will restore most DVDs that have minor dirt built up on them. If your DVD or video game disc has minor scratches that do not come out with cleaning you can try rubbing them out with toothpaste. Toothpaste is a very mild abrasive and works excellent for cleaning DVDs, plus makes them smell minty fresh.

Personal debt with toothpaste on the DVD and rub in straight lines back and forth from the center of the disc out to the outer edge. Do not go in circles around the center. This will make the problem worse, since this is the way the laser reads the discs or video game.

Keep rubbing from the center of the disc out and back until you cover the whole disk surface. Rub until the toothpaste is almost dry, and then rub with a soft rag to clean the film off. The final step is to make sure all the toothpaste is completely off the DVD or game disc by washing it with mild soap and water. Try completely and your DVD or video game should play like new!

The smart thing to do would be to make backups of all your DVDs or video games. This way if you damage a backup copy, no problem you can always burn another copy from the original that you put away when you first bought it. Of course you will need a DVD burner and the proper software to burn copies with.

Quick DVD copy is excellent software to quickly make copies of any DVD movie or video game. Since most video games or DVDs have copy card built into them most copy software will not work. However this is no problem for quick DVD copy! Once you set up the software on your computer is very easy to use. You can pick up a blank sleeve of DVDs and quickly backup your entire DVD or game collection.

If you like watching movies, when you join Quick DVD Copy you will have the option of movie downloads. I recommend you take the option as you will be able to download a lot of popular and new movies. Once you download them you will be able to burn them onto a DVD and watch them on your big TV.

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