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How To Backup Xbox 360 Games

Original Xbox 360 games are very expensive. If you were smart you would make backup copies of all your video games and put the originals away in a safe place. This way if something happens to the backup copy of your Xbox 360 game. You still have the original to burn another copy from.

As you may have found out making backup copies of Xbox 360 games is a little difficult. You may have tried to follow some of the discussions on a forum or discussion board. It may be easy for a computer tech to understand. It tutorials, but I found a much easier way.

After trying several different programs for making copies all I end up with was a pile of bad discs. Some were so corrupt that when I inserted them into my Xbox 360 console all they would do is spin and some would not eject. I had to manually remove the disk from my machine.

Xbox 360 game discs have copyright protection built into them, most software will not get by this. You need software that is made especially for copying video games.

Some software will require you to make modifications your Xbox 360 console. I prefer not to do this, plus you will void the warranty. I heard about game copy Pro and decided to buy it after reading some good reviews about it. There were some bad reviews, but I decided to try it for myself.

Game copy Pro was the answer I was looking for. Once you pay your one-time fee, you will have access to downloads software and tutorials. The Information is easy to understand, and once you install the software on your computer you should be ready to go. Once you have it set up all you have to do is insert your original game into your DVD or CD burner and click copy.

Once you have extracted the files from your original Xbox 360 game. You can insert a blank disc and burn as many copies as you want. The copy will play in your Xbox 360 console, exactly as the original game did, no modifications needed. So now you can make exact duplicates of all your original games as a backup.

As an unexpected bonus when you buy a game copy Pro, you will have access to unlimited game downloads. I picked up several popular games, download of them, and burned them onto a disc. This alone was worth the price of the software. My game collection is growing in all it is costing me is the price of the blank discs. So go to your favorite discount store and pick up a big sleeve of blank discs and start building your own game collection.

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