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Copy Your Xbox 360 Discs – Make Perfect Game Copies

Copy your Xbox 360 discs and put your originals away in a safe place. Xbox 360 games are expensive and if you damage one making it on playable it can wreck your day. Smart gamers copies their new games as soon as they get them. No matter how careful you are eventually you will get minor scratches in your game discs.

The quality will start to degrade and you may get minor freezes or complete lockups. The laser pickup inside your DVD will also have to work harder trying to read scratched discs. This will shorten the life of your Xbox 360 DVD. They are expensive to replace.

You can avoid this problem by making copies of your Xbox 360 discs. Blank DVDs are cheap and you can pick up a whole sleeve at any discount shopping center. If you scratch or damage one you can always burn another copy from the original.

To make Xbox 360 copies you will need a DVD burner and software for copying video games. Be careful which game copy software you try and use. Most of them will not work without a mod chip. If they work at all. There is a lot of software that claims they can copy video games but most will not get past the copy guard. All you get is a pile of bad discs and a headache. So far Quick DVD Copy is the only software that really works.

It is recommended that you fully read all the instructions that comes with it before attempting to copy any Xbox 360 discs. There are a few steps you need to take to ensure your Xbox 360 games will come out perfect every time. The good thing is once you have a setup it's basically a one click game copy set up. The copies will come out exactly like the original and play in your machine with no problem, in fact you cannot tell them apart.

Quick DVD Copy will also copy any other video game like PC games, Xbox, Wii discs, PSP, PSP2, and DVD movies.

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