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Copy Playstation2 Games

Are you looking for an easy way to copy your PlayStation 2 games? Maybe you have tried making copies before and ended up with a big pile of dead discs like I have. Learning how to make exact copies of video games that actually work can be pretty confusing.

You can search the zillions of forums for tutorials and try to understand them, or you can do it the easy way and use professionally made software. Like Quick DVD Copy. Trying to make copies of PlayStation 2 games by copying the iso image and all that other garbage never worked.

Very few people have success doing it this way. You can use all the bad discs for coasters or frisbees if you want but they won't play in your game console. The first time I used Quick DVD Copy I was really impressed with the amount of information and tutorials that came with it. I found it really easy to understand and use. I can now crank out an exact copy of any video game that will play in my stock game console with no modifications. After all, who wants to open up their expensive game system and play around with the insides.

I can also tell you as a bonus if you purchase Quick DVD Copy you will have access to PlayStation 2 game downloads. This alone is worth the cost of joining. You will be able to download full PlayStation 2 games, then you can burn them to a disk and play them immediately.

So do yourself a favor and make backup copies of your PlayStation 2 games before they get destroyed or damaged. You will always have your original games in mint condition. If anything happens to your copy you can just crank out another copy from the original.

The software will also work for copying movies or other DVDs. Plus it will work for any game system. Download a copy yourself and find out why it is number one rated software for copying video games.

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